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Global Conekt is AN RECRUITMENT/Head searching company majorly operating in GCC providing hands services to purchasers in geographic area GCC countries i.e. Saudi Arabia(KSA), Dubai, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates's capital and Sharjah, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain etc. for various sectors like Oil & Gas, Drilling, Power & Energy, IT, Infrastructure(High Rise Buildings/Metro Rail/Office Buildings etc).

One of the top Recruitment Agencies in GCC.

  • As a dynamic business, we have a tendency to already facilitate a number of the most important and best employers in engineering science business to recruit all sort of vacancies quickly, expeditiously and easily.
  • We area unit proud to be related to massive High Rise and railway line/Metro Rail Construction corporations and have typically been deputed by them in sourcing and using personnel for his or her various ongoing projects across the world.
  • Although we've got an outsized info of personnel from the business we have a tendency to area unit continually on the lookout for additional candidates keeping seeable the constant demand of permanent employees by our clients.
  • Recruitment Company in Qatar/Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Kuwait/Oman & Saudi Arabia
  • About US.
  • Global Conekt is recruitment/headhunting company working in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait providing manpower services to clients in the middle east.
  • Providing head looking service to GCC countries for various sectors like Oil & Gas and Drilling Rigs.
  • Power & Energy, IT, Infrastructure (High Rise Buildings / Metro Rail etc) but not limited to the same.
  • We Global Conekt have a good quality experience for around couple of decades and have a niche in higher and middle management recruitment Services. Global Conekt is India based Employment company as experienced Head Hunters for permanent staffing solutions around the globe.
  • Providing Services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, India since around two decades.
  • Working in partnership with purchasers and support their business vision by finding all nationalities together with Arabs/Westerners with none fuss.

Global Conekt is one of the top recruitment consultants in GCC.

Pipeline Engineers, Piping Engineers, and Piping Stress Engineers. Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Instrumentation Engineers. Procurement Specialist, Health Environmental Specialists.
High Rise Building Specialist, Bridges Engineers, and Quantity Surveyors.
Drilling Engineers, Rig Supervisors and Well Site Engineers. Designers, Auto Cad Operators and Construction Supervisors.

Few TOP Level Positions we have closed in Qatar/KSA/Oman/UAE are:

Engineering Manager, Project Manager, Contracts Manager, Construction Manager, Organization Development Manager, CEO, Director, Project Director, HR Managers, Business Development etc.
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Global Conekt is an India based recruitment agency dedicated to providing employment solutions around the world. The company operates in conjunction with Skills Provision, a well-liked organization within the world sector. Global Conekt fully support companies that are searching for top quality specialists, regardless of physical location.
The goal is to become a trustworthy partner, operating aboard corporations to eliminate skills shortages.
Job seekers searching for employment positions will not be disappointed, the levels of support offered by Global Conekt is unrivaled. As Global recruitment agency Global Conekt listen to the needs of the employer, offering quality solutions that perfectly fit the requirement Client feedback suggests Global Conekt is the quickest online organization to respond to employer's request.

International recruitment: Jobs in UAE/Qatar/Kuwait/Saudi Arabia

Global Conekt in GCC wants to offer the best international recruitment for clients in the Middle East in (multilingual) Oil & Gas, Rail Recruitment, IT and Engineering.
Our achievement and staffing services area unit geared toward providing the correct match at the correct moment.
Because bottom line is, that is what achievement is all regarding?
The goal is to become a trustworthy partner, operating aboard corporations to eliminate skills shortages.
We will optimize GCC recruitment and staffing. Our search optimized job board, relevant content and personal support for both recruiters and job seekers.
Combining the most effective options of job board and achievement agency to supply (cost)effective, flexible and innovative recruitment solutions, contingency or retainer.
International recruitment for jobs in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait? Careers in Rail Hiring!

GCC employers

Smart, (cost)effective, Middle East recruitment & staffing of multilingual, Rail Construction, IT and technical personnel.
Job board, multiposting, search and private service & support.
Flexibility at very attractive price levels. Let us assist you in your recruitment for jobs in GCC.
Focusing on Jobs in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we regularly offer recruitments in other GCC countries as well. As many of our clients operate throughout the Middle East, or even globally, it's not unusual we're asked to advertise Rail jobs in Qatar or Saudi Arabia. We can for example offer (or have offered) jobs in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and South East Asia. Also, a job on offer based in GCC could require international travel throughout the Middle East or worldwide.
Our main focus is a GCC audience. The vast majority of recruitment solutions available, in any GCC/Middle East country, will not be offered to non-Arabs citizens because the necessary work permit will not be arranged. Therefore, there is only a very limited number of jobs available for citizens from countries outside the GCC.
We will invariably attempt to mention official document necessities in individual job descriptions.
Jobs in GCC will usually require certain work permits, though.


Global Conekt is an recruitment / Head Hunting company


The emergence of ICE age (Information, communication and technology)


When it comes to choosing the right people for key positions.


we have a clear vision of our aims and objectives, which is supported .
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We work very closely with our clients in sourcing the most suitable candidates, refining the search process and finding the ideal fit for each position. Our team of consultants has extensive industry experience in varied sectors which provides us the unique advantage in this matching process.
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